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Web Application Firewalls and Internet Security Solutions

Choose the next generation, enterprise firewall protection + Web Application Firewall. We can offer complete & comprehensive firewall solutions with users in mind by protecting them against all type of threats, no matter if its internal or external, existing or future threats, with an easy-to-use converged security solution. Security should be simple, easy to understand, and deploy as well as operate for the average IT user.

We believe that the visibility of the whole network is the foundation of network management. We need to see the risk of information assets, people and behaviors, so that we can recognize security threats and timely dispose of them.

With Advanced Reporting Tools, users are able to have an extensive overview of their network with just a few clicks. You can choose whether you want to see information such as who the online users are, servers, abnormal traffics, attack status, attack source, etc.

Our Next Generation Firewall solution is capable of detecting in real-time threats at every step and provide a rapid response on how to deal with them.