We can deliver end-to-end Solution of IPTV & OTT having Services of Live Channels , Recording, Timeshift and Video on Demand.

Countrywide Subscribers can use the system over the managed Telco network and Over The Top of internet.


Fiber Links can be been established between Earth-station and Broadcaster’s premises for the video delivery. To Achieve this in an efficient way, VR360TECH can deploy best Encoding and Decoding Solutions over IP based Fiber links. The aim will be to achieve saving in bandwidth on links keeping same high quality of video. The Channels can be uplinked to Satellite as a bouquet on a specific transponder.


VR 360 TECH is specialized in offering Hbbtv Services to ISPs, Telcos & Broadcasters. It will provide an enriched media experience to the TV viewers having Satellite and Internet connectivity.